Where To Order Online Flowers for Valentine’s Day

February 4, 2010

Where to order roses onlineLet me give you two words of advice:

1. Don’t get married.
2. If you ignored #1, don’t get your wife roses for Valentine’s Day.

Now, please let me explain. Both of my points here are a joke (kinda…mostly). However, there is a reason behind #2. If you buy flowers for your spouse or girlfriend one year for Valentine’s Day, then she will expect them the following year (or something of greater emotional value or importance). Even if you both “mutually agree” beforehand that flowers aren’t necessary, she will expect them.

So, I’ll assume that since you’re reading this article then you’ve ignored my advice. I know what you must be going through at this point; you’re worried that you’re a horrible husband/boyfriend and you’re scrambling to find the best place to order flowers.

Rest easy, because I’ve done the legwork for you. After nearly 5 years of marriage I’ve tried a variety of different flower shops and florists and I will now rank the top 3. Each flower shop is judged on the quality of the flowers and of course the general level of excitement of my wife.

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