Who needs a cable subscription?

August 30, 2009

no-cable-tvAs the web continues to evolve I find myself asking questions like, “who needs an encyclopedia?” or, “why do I still have this Blockbuster card?” With the rise of streaming media, I think it’s time to ask the question, “who needs a cable subscription?”

Note that I’m referring to the cable subscription that we use to watch television with. I guess this also applies to satellite users, though it seems that not as many people are disgruntled with them and many rural customers don’t have a choice. So, just to be clear my focus is on those companies like Cox Communications and Comcast.

My argument leans firmly on services offered by Netflix, Amazon’s Video on Demand, and Hulu. With just one of these services, namely Netflix, I can watch just about all the television I can handle. I name Netflix above the others simply because I get so much for my money. About $15/mo lands me around 8-10 DVD rentals and the ability to watch streaming movies at no additional cost. Read more