Photoshop Tips – Advanced Black and White Conversion Using Actions

April 22, 2009

There are several ways to convert your photos to black and white inside Photoshop; quick options like the Desaturate command or simply adding in a Black & White Adjustment layer. But there are other more advanced options available within Photoshop that can give you killer black and white results.

The thing about black and white conversion is that one process doesn’t always work the best for every photo. There are several different methods because sometimes certain methods work better than others for the picture in question.

What we’ll cover here is a quick way to to create an Action that will automatically add the most popular black and white conversion techniques to your photo. We’ll combine this action with Layer Comps to give you an easy way to run through each of the conversion options to get a glimpse of what works best with your photo. I tend to lovingly refer to this technique as, Not Yo Mama’s Black and White Conversion.

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Remote Access for Windows and Mac

April 15, 2009

Lifehacker recently asked their readers to vote for the Five Best Remote Desktop tools. I personally use both Windows and Mac machines and have never had any trouble remotely accessing my Windows machines from either system thanks to Remote Desktop applications freely available for both platforms.

However, remote access for my Mac has been a different story. I recently began using the free version of with much success. So seeing at the top of Lifehackers “Hive Five” list validates the opinions of the readers.

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10 Tips for Taking Outdoor Pictures and Portraits

April 3, 2009

Outdoor Photography TipsIt’s warm and sunny outside and you’re all set to go out and take some pictures! Shooting outdoors in the sunlight can create some unexpected results; exposure issues where your subject might either be too bright or too dark, squinty eyes in the sunlight and harsh lighting.

If you’re looking to make some photos that are more natural and pleasing, check out the following tips. If you’re just now starting out, check out our 10 tips to get started in photography.

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What to do with your Broken Xbox 360

April 1, 2009

use-broken-xbox-360Over the past few months I’ve written about my Xbox 360. I first wrote about how the Unreadable Disc Error popped up, and later how I fixed the error on my 360. It was a long, frustrating road. However, since I spent I lot of time with my Xbox while it wasn’t working at 100% capacity, I learned to enjoy it in many other ways.

I know we all love to hate Microsoft, but there really are many different ways to enjoy your Xbox 360. Of course, the most obvious way is to play those wonderful, $60 discs of gaming joy. But there’s so much more you can do, even with a busted DVD drive.

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