Copy Directory Structure Without Files Using XCOPY Command

October 31, 2008

XCOPY CommandI’m not a DOS guy. I do much better with a graphical user interface (GUI). However, recently I came across an issue where the XCOPY command came in handy.

On my Windows XP machine had a folder that contained over 500 sub-directories. I needed to copy the directory structure without copying the files contained in these directories. After a good bit of searching on my own, I turned to my good friend Jared who pointed me to the XCOPY command.

XCOPY is short for Extended Copy and is the big brother to the copy command found in MS-DOS. It provides many more options for copying multiple files and directories from one drive to another or across a network. Adding certain characters will allow you modify your copy command. Read more

Sanyo Eneloop C and D Size Batteries

October 29, 2008

image of eneloop batteriesI don’t know if you guys have heard about eneloops, the best rechargeable batteries in the world. They come precharged in the box, they have a really slow discharge rate, and you can recharge them 1,000 times. I love these things; my favorite uses are for Wii remotes and Xbox controllers. I think Bo uses them for his camera flashes.

So far I’ve only bought the AA sized batteries. However, I recently purchased a few baby items that require C and D sized batteries. I didn’t hesitate to go online to buy more eneloops, but after a little searching I found that Sanyo doesn’t make C and D sized eneloops available in the United States. Only very recently (at the time of this writing) did they become available overseas. So, I decided to send a brief email to Sanyo to see what I could learn. Read more

Earn Money and Get Free Content for Your Blog

October 27, 2008

image of a hand shakeI stumbled upon a new way to make some cash with your blog (actually, it stumbled into me). I received an email in reference to one of my content sites. The email was from an online store that is closely related to my site. He stated that if I was willing to host an article with links to his site, I would be compensated.

I replied to the email just to see what he was going to propose. It turns out that he was willing to pay me $25 to host an original article on my site. The article would have no more than two in-context links that point back to his online store. Read more

Photoshop Tips – Intro to Layer Masks

October 24, 2008

Maskd IconThe ability to use Layer Masks is one of the more powerful features available in Photoshop. Yet, many beginning Photoshop users find it difficult to understand the purpose of masks and how to use them.

Once you understand what masks are and how they work, you’ll have a much easier time blending together layers, filters and effects, and you’ll be able to work with your images non-destructively. Read more

Nintendo Doesn’t Care if You Hack and Cheat

October 23, 2008

the Nintendo LogoYou might have noticed that I was frustrated to find how much hacking and cheating is going on in Nintendo Wii games, particularly, Mario Kart Wii. Well, I decided to send an email to Nintendo to see what kind of response I would get.

I’ll admit that I wrote a somewhat angry email to Nintendo. But, Nintendo responded to my complaint in a timely manner. I suspect that their response was somewhat canned, but that only makes it worse. If this is a canned answer, this is how Nintendo really feels about people hacking their games and ruining other people’s online experience. Read more

My Computer is Slow

October 20, 2008

Image of a hourglassThere is a phrase I have heard so many times as an IT guy that, if I was given a dollar per occurrence, I would have retired years ago. It seems to be very popular among computer users and, honestly, it drives me insane.

The phrase, you may have guessed, is some variant of “My computer is slow.” Just typing those words makes me fidget in my chair.
Read more

Setting Up a Wireless Router as an Access Point

October 17, 2008

Wireless Access PointWhile it’s hard to beat the dependability of a wired network, wireless networking definitely has the edge in convenience. However, this convenience highly depends on the accessibility of your wireless network.

As wireless devices continue to become more prevalent in our way of life, you may find the need to either upgrade your existing wireless router for more speed, add on a new wireless router to extend the coverage area of your network, or simply incorporate wireless connectivity into your existing wired network. Read more

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

October 16, 2008

It’s true. I’m an absolute coffee snob. I can admit it. I merrily mock my co-workers for drinking the bland-brand coffee that the company buys while I sip my carefully crafted homebrew from my Thermos Leak-Proof Travel Mug.

I don’t mess around: I buy indigenous coffee beans and grind them myself. I have an engraved coffee scoop. I have my own secret system for measuring out the perfect amount of coffee grounds for the desired number of cups to be made. When I go on vacation? My coffee supplies are the first things I pack. Read more

Which Mouse Click?

October 13, 2008

Image of a computer mouseThe mouse is a simple device, but there is a surprising amount of different ways to use it. Knowing how to use it for a particular task will make you more efficient at your job and can even help your computer to run more smoothly.

If you’ve ever wondered why there are 4 copies of Outlook open on your screen, please read on!


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Geek Dad Tips – Surviving Week 1 With a New Baby

October 10, 2008

I am proud to say that I became a first-time father last Friday, October 3rd. Though my wife and I were sleep deprived, we made it through the first week with my beautiful son. He can’t say a word, feed himself, or change his own diapers, but he’s taught me a lot already.

Being the geek dad I am, I wanted to make sure I had all the cool gadgets we’d need by the time the little guy got here. There are a few things that made the first week a lot easier on us, so I wanted to detail the top 5 baby products worth buying (in no particular order). If there are any other fathers out there that have other suggestions of things to make parenthood an easier process, please let us know in the comments.

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