Network Connection Devices

March 17, 2008

ethernet cableIts easy to forget about all the small pieces of hardware that sit and hum along 24-7 just so that we can check our email or catch the latest stats for our fantasy team. Just what are those little boxes and why do they have so many little blinking lights?

Network connections are made possible by two main types of hardware: network media and network connectivity devices. This article is going to cover the later in enough detail to have you picking up the network-speak in no time. Read more

Digital Camera Buying Guide

March 13, 2008

This is a question I get asked occasionally; “Which digital camera should I get?” I sincerely wish I had fast and easy answer. Alas, there are too many options available and too many details to consider for me to give fast and easy instruction on this matter. So let’s start at the basics and see what we can come up with.

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All About Computer Parts

March 12, 2008

Hard DriveWhether you are interested in building your own computer or just have a genuine curiosity about how they work, you should have a basic understanding of all the different pieces of computer hardware. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but should get you well on the path towards computer enlightenment.

I spent several years working at Dell, putting these things together. Surprisingly, I was one of the few people who knew how these parts worked together. So, after reading through this post, you’ll probably have a better understanding of computer hardware than most of the folks out at Dell. ;) Read on!

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